Illegal Aliens Colluded With DNC in 2016 Presidential Election

By Hercules Mulligan The mainstream media and overly scripted nightly comedy shows have been obsessed for the past two years over foreigners (foreign nationals) trying to influence a United States Presidential Election. Some of these outlets have even went as far as to send correspondents to Russia to try to find some of the people […]

Lena Dunham enjoys her cake (ABC)

Admitted Sexual Abuser Warned Clinton about Weinstein

On Tuesday, a rumor emerged that Lena Dunham, the ultimate ‘nasty woman’ darling of the left, warned Clinton campaign officials about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse history. The media reaction to this story was intense. After all, how could the campaign so easily dismiss a woman’s sexual abuse claim, let alone a famous “woman” like Lena […]


This is your life, Hillary. A timeline of scandals

By Dwyane Madison Despite the latest James O’Keefe Project Veritas undercover videos that reveal paid Hillary operatives admit to hiring agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies, the mainstream media continues to only focus on her opponent’s negatives. The new videos score high on the Saunders Report ‘Clintonian’ rating scale (definitely 5 out of a […]