Illegal Aliens Colluded With DNC in 2016 Presidential Election

By Hercules Mulligan The mainstream media and overly scripted nightly comedy shows have been obsessed for the past two years over foreigners (foreign nationals) trying to influence a United States Presidential Election. Some of these outlets have even went as far as to send correspondents to Russia to try to find some of the people […]


School Budget Waste – A Teacher’s Perspective

Schools consistently cry that they never have enough money.  So, every year they introduce new tax hikes claiming they are necessary to meet the demands of an evolving society of which students must learn to adapt to have successful futures. The risk of students having no future at all doesn’t seem to be relevant to […]

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Stranglers of Originality: Leaders in Education

In education, innovation is not rewarded, originality is frowned upon, and non conformists are failures. Teachers being evaluated on how well they conform to what the latest liberal philosopher deemed exceptional education is not really an exceptional incentive. While hard work is a foreign concept to many teachers, others are all too familiar with the […]