A Sexual Assault Ponzi Scheme


By Caleb Brewster

The Left has immediately has taken the side of any women accusing Judge Kavanaugh, and the Far Right has mostly taken his side. No accusers have been questioned yet. They have merely made carefully written and proofed statements through their attorneys. As objective observers, we must wait to hear the accusers and accused to make a proper judgment. Still, this does feel like a Ponzi Scheme.

A financial Ponzi Scheme is when an investment is sold to people with false, non-existent, manipulated, or shoddy successes/evidence. If this was a investment opportunity, no one that has ever earned a penny would invest into Professor Fords, or Miss Ramirez’s stories. Their evidence, by their own description, is “fuzzy”, “filled with gaps”, “not clear”, and overall lacking confidence. If a witness to a crime does not have confidence in their own story, why would any jury, or person believe them(especially with a lack of evidence?).

This can all change with both of them publicly testifying to what they are accusing Judge Kavanaugh of. Many in the middle of the political spectrum, and many on the right are open to hearing both sides of these stories. So far, the left has been the less intellectual (and liberal) in their immediate judgment of events that contain any evidence.

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