Illegal Aliens Colluded With DNC in 2016 Presidential Election


By Hercules Mulligan

The mainstream media and overly scripted nightly comedy shows have been obsessed for the past two years over foreigners (foreign nationals) trying to influence a United States Presidential Election. Some of these outlets have even went as far as to send correspondents to Russia to try to find some of the people they blame for the election of Donald J. Trump. Yet these same media organizations seem to have forgotten that they encouraged, and helped, foreign nationals attempt to influence the 2016 election.

“DREAMers”, are foreign nationals, who the media and the left exploit on a daily basis in various forms. In August 2016 the Hillary Clinton Campaign announced that they launched a new program called “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto” (“My Dream, Your Vote”). The program enlisted “DREAMers”  to get legal hispanic voters to register to vote (predominantly in the swing states of Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina). The “DREAMers” involved with this program were encouraged to express that they could not vote because of their legal status, but their stories could help motivate others to vote for Hillary Clinton. The “DREAMers” involvement in the campaign in this way is not illegal, but it does raise the question of did these “DREAMers” in any way contribute financially to the Hillary Clinton Campaign?

If Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton were to follow in President Obama’s footsteps (which she did, just not effectively) she could have potentially taken money from foreign nationals through small donor online contributions. Since Special Prosecutor Mueller is tasked with finding foreign influence in the 2016 election, one must wonder, how is he not looking at the possibility of foreign nationals living in The United States illegally influencing the election in collusion with The DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign? If any “DREAMers” contributed even a penny to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, they are technically guilty of the same crime as the 13 Russian nationals that were recently charged. If any “DREAMers” or illegal aliens boosted or promoted a social media post with money, they are also guilty of the same crimes as the Russians. If we are to treat any meeting with a foreign national as a reportable offense, isn’t every meeting a DNC candidate (or RINO Republican) in which a “DREAMer” is present a meeting that must be disclosed. If immigration policies are discussed and changed by the opinions of these foreign actors, is that not collusion for votes in the future?

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