America Has been Losing the Trade War Since 1976


All nations across the world have been active participants in a trade war. Free trade, when it truly exists, is the only thing that can stop a trade war, and we have not had real free trade for a long time. Thus, The United States has been losing the trade war since 1976.

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To put this in perspective, the last time we were not losing the trade war, Sylvester Stallone was a no name actor coming out with a film named “Rocky,”  Jimmy Carter was just elected President, the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers played their first football game, Apple Computer and Microsoft were both just getting started, Patty Hearst was found guilty of armed robbery of a San Francisco bank, and the Philadelphia Flyers played the Soviet Red Army hockey team.

We came close to equaling other nations in the trade war in the mid 80’s-early 90’s, but in recent times, the trade deficit has been abysmal. If we were a professional sports team, the last time we would have had a winning season would be 42 years ago. To put that into perspective a little further, the Cleveland Browns have been to the playoffs 9 times during that period. Thus, globalists need to start realizing that as much as the Cleveland Browns are made fun of in the sports world, they are far better performers. In sports terms,  the United States economic deficit performance would qualify us to get every #1 first round draft pick since 1976.

What conservatives need to realize is that President Trump is merely offering a reciprocal trade tax on steel and aluminum that American companies have been paying for years. China charges a value added tax up to 17% on goods and services, and that does not include the “fees” you has to pay to politicians to get your business into China. To the people crying about the cost of aluminum going up and effecting your beer price; your beer can has a total cost of 3 cents of aluminum. If beer companies are going to pass on that cost to you, it will cost you about a penny more for every 3 cans of beer you buy.

If the GOP leadership follows President Trump’s lead and uses this as major midterm policy standpoint in key swing states, then they could win the 2018 midterms.

The media and the elites are all for spreading the wealth by taxing people. Yet, they scream in outrage when the Trump Administration takes steps, not to take money from the rich to redistribute it, but rather put in place policies that allow true competition and fair wages for the working class. The trade policies that the global elite and Wall Street have pushed with previous administrations has increased the wealth disparity that the masses have been complaining about for years. The trade tariffs that President Trump is proposing is exactly the reason he won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He is merely fulfilling a promise that the political and business elite were praying he would not act upon (like every other politician that has promised to do the same).

There is also another reason to back the tariffs, which is their use with negotiating in various different issues with other nations. Although many will not credit the tariffs with the historic talks with North Korea, the fact is the tariffs likely forced China’s hand to either choose fighting a trade war, or using their puppet dictatorship to create more international chaos. We do not know where these talks will lead, but so far, President Trump’s sticking to his promised policies have paid off for The United States, bigly.  

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