Get Back to Discipline, Punishment, and Consequences

School 34 - RS2

By Hercules Mulligan


Instead of taking away rights from law abiding citizens, we need to start enacting discipline in our schools again. The media and pop culture will blame guns for every school shooting, but completely dismiss the modern cultural acceptance of bad behavior.


We did not have school shootings when teachers and law enforcement were allowed to show children there will be repercussions for bad behavior/choices in schools and public life. This change has been a result of the liberal Woodstock hippie generation, who were smoking weed and burning bras, eventually going on to invade the public work sector and our schools as administrators and teachers/professors. As a result of a desire to avoid judgment for their own indiscretions and bad behavior, they normalized and excused behaviors that previously would have resulted in consequences and punishment. The consequences would then help to correct a child from a lifetime of bad decisions. I am not suggesting that teachers be allowed to physically hit children, but rather instead of a school giving a student the proverbial slap on the wrist, the student should be actually have real life consequences for real mistakes.


These problems we see in schools begin at home. Parents need to discipline their kids. The modern style of parenting seems to encompass rewarding children for good behavior without discipline for poor behavior. The world in which we live in is obsessed with instant gratification, and this goes with both parenting and education. Punishments should not last one second. Actions have lasting consequences, so punishments should also last. Instead, we currently have instant punishments that last a short moment. Thus we have created multiple generations of people who do not want to see there are right and wrong decisions in life and end up developing into lifelong “brats” who act out when they do not get their way, sometimes violently.


If a child threatens a school or public area, it should go on their permanent record. They should also be added to a list, similar to a sex offender registry, which bars them from legally purchasing a weapon for a certain amount of time (or even life). If a student is continually misbehaving a school, the school district should be allowed to go to court.  If a certain level of disobedience can be proven, that school district should have the ability to send the student to a school that is better suited to address a “problem” child’s needs, perhaps a military school or programs that stress discipline as part of the curriculum.


The largest impact to society will come from the issues that go unaddressed at home. Time and time again when we see this happen, the shooter is from a non-traditional home, or the parents refused to be actual parents. Parents have to stop trying to be their children’s friends, exert their authority, and actually guide and direct them. Show children that poor decisions and choices will dramatically change their lives, and the result is inevitably negative and everlasting.


Children need to be taught the value of life, to be kind, and that actions have consequences. Merely saying or feeling sorry does not fix what you did, and every action (no matter how insignificant) can have a lifelong impact . This is the real way to change our society and our schools. We need to enact some significant consequences for misbehaving children to truly force cultural change in the right direction. These actions will actually be saving children’s lives, and allowing children to have better lives.

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