Gun Control VS The Border Wall

wall vs guns

Trump’s Border Wall Will Save More Lives than Gun Control

Free speech is an amazing right and tool in a democracy, and the students protesting the Second Amendment are using that right just as the framers of the constitution intended. Still there is one thing that would save many more lives than gun control (if you actually think gun control will prevent people with malicious intent from attaining tools to hurt others). The “March for Our Lives” students should be demanding a border wall.

The main argument from the left in America, and the students protesting the Second Amendment, is that we must take action and limit the second amendment to save lives. The students’ main statement is that that the right to bear arms is not as important as their right to live. This is a very emotionally strong argument, but it is not factually based. Statistics say 1,300 children die each year due to gun violence. This is a tragic number. In a perfect world we would all want no children to die from gun violence, or die at all. This is why “the right’s” fight for a border wall is statically exponentially more important that “the left’s” fight for gun control.

Taking away all of the crimes against children, and adults, that illegal/undocumented aliens commit, there is still a huge reason to build a border wall. Opioids. A majority of the heroin in the United States comes from Mexico, according to some government sources, over 90% of heroin comes from Mexico. On average, 115 people die each day due to opioid overdose. For every 100,000 children 3.7 a year die from overdoses on opioids (around 2,890 children a year). That is more than 2 times more children dying each year from drugs (122.3077% more children being killed by opioids compared to being killed by guns). Again over 90% of heroin comes from Mexico and comes over the Mexico-US border. So why is the media and the left fighting the border wall? Their argument about taking gun rights away is that even if it saves one life it is worth it. So if a border wall saves one life (which is far more likely) isn’t that worth it?

As one of the founding principles of this nation, the federal government is obligated not to hinder the Second Amendment. However, a government is also obligated to protect its citizens, territories, and borders. Many liberal states have made the decision not to comply with federal immigration laws, and the media have supported them. What if conservative states decided to do the same thing, but instead with federal gun control laws? The outcry from the media and the left would be deafening. Still, there are a multitude of crimes that are committed by illegal/undocumented aliens. Many of which are committed to the most vulnerable of us all, our children. These crimes include: rape, child molestation, creating child pornagraphy, assaults, DWI/DUI accidents, and murder. Now, this is not to say that all illegals are committing these crimes against children, but again if we can save or improve the life of one American child, shouldn’t we at least try?

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