It is Time to Save The Children


The media and the left have joined forces to tell you that they are not against the Second Amendment, but rather they just want to save children lives. Statistics and studies say 1,300 children die each year due to gun violence. Anytime a child is killed, it is a loss of potential that is incalculable. Still if this is the reason to enact gun control, then there are other actions that can be taken to save even more children lives.

On average, 115 people die each day on average due to opioid overdose. For for every 100,000 children 3.7  a year die from overdoses on opioids (around 2890 children a year). That number almost matches the statistics for gun deaths for the entire population of the United States (3.85 for every 100,000). As of 2015, if you take the entire population of the US, opioids kill 10 out of every 100,000 (or over 66,000 people in 2017 alone) in the US, and the number has grown exponentially since then due to the use of fentanyl. A majority of these drugs are coming over the US border with Mexico. Still liberals do not want to build a wall and increase border security. This is just the first hypocrisy of the “save the children” movement.

While at the same time liberals refuse to take the opioid crisis head on, another drug that they have pushed to become legal is also killing children and students. New statistics show that 1 out of every 9 fatal motor vehicle crashes involve someone that is under the influence of marijuana. Experts say that current percentage trends show that being under the influence of marijuana will lead to more vehicular deaths than alcohol. Currently this accounts for around 4,300 deaths per year, many of whom we can assume are in the younger demographic.

Although it may be illegal for people under the age of 21 to drink, we all know it does not stop them. Frankly it is not even frowned upon, and is celebrated in many movies and pop culture. 5,000 minors a year die from alcohol related incidents. That is over 200% more than the 1,300 children that die a year due to gun violence.

Finally, 11 teens die EVERY DAY from texting and driving. Around 4,000 teens every year die from texting and driving. We as a nation need to teach our young people their worth, and teach them that a friend would rather be able to text you for the rest of your life, than have their text be the last one you ever read.

So where are the celebrities fighting against the opioid crisis? Where are the politicians fighting against the gloritizing and glamorizing of underaged drinking? Where is the media fighting against the legalization of marijuana? And where are the mass demonstrations against teens texting and driving? All of these things kill more children than gun violence, but all of them are silent because it does not fit into their agenda.

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