Government Shutdown? Find the Waste!


No one aims for a government shutdown, but there are some benefits. During this time “non-essential” employees are furloughed (get a paid vacation), and government is forced to learn how to operate on a budget. Essentially they have to operate like any business or family that is trying not to go bankrupt.

If republicans play their cards right, leadership of each agency should be taking notes on how much of their budget is spent on “non-essential” workers. This is truly a golden opportunity to see how each agency can run with an extremely cut down budget and limited personnel. With the national debt reaching 20 trillion dollars, both democrats and republicans need to seize this opportunity to look at agencies that they are critical of to find cost savings.

This means that democrats should look into the pentagon’s budget to find excessive waste, and that conservatives can look into basically every other part of government to find savings for the American people that they are elected to serve. The most tragic part of a government shutdown is that military personnel will be working without pay, and their families will suffer. Meanwhile all members of Congress are considered essential personnel and will continue to get paid.

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