Admitted Sexual Abuser Warned Clinton about Weinstein

Lena Dunham enjoys her cake (ABC)

On Tuesday, a rumor emerged that Lena Dunham, the ultimate ‘nasty woman’ darling of the left, warned Clinton campaign officials about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse history. The media reaction to this story was intense. After all, how could the campaign so easily dismiss a woman’s sexual abuse claim, let alone a famous “woman” like Lena Dunham? The answer is pretty obvious; just follow the money. However, there is a second reason! The Clintonites might not have shrugged this off because Dunham herself admitted to sexually abusing her younger sister. When questioned, the left excused her actions as sexual exploration. She then went on to defend herself by tweeting:

“[B]y the way, if you were a little kid and never looked at another little kid’s vagina, well, congrats to you.”

Now do not misunderstand, everyone finds what Harvey Weinstein to be horrible and disgusting, but when the source of the information is as tainted as Lena Dunham, why would you act on the information. One of the most common things that several of these men who sexually abused women did was walk around naked in front of others and pleasure themselves. Well, Lena Dunham exposed herself on broadcast television to 13 million viewers.

This was on broadcast television. Why has there not been MSM outrage for her public disgrace? Why has she not been fired from her current projects? In her book “Not That Kind of Girl” Ms. Dunham writes about how she sexually abused her sister during various points of her life. From looking at her sisters genitalia, paying her to kiss her, and masturbating with her sister sleeping next to her. This is oddly very similar to some of the heinous acts Mr. Weinstein is accused of forcing on others. The old saying stands true. “It takes one to know one”.

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